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Were you one of ‘The Gang’ in 1969?


If so, then Girlguiding Nottinghamshire wants to hear from you!

If you were one of the 29 pioneering girls who made local Gang Show history back in 1969, then Girlguiding Nottinghamshire would love to hear from you!

Rehearsals are currently underway for the 2019 Nottingham Gang Show, which is due to run at the city’s Theatre Royal from 4-9 March. These days it’s a joint production by members of Scouting and Girlguiding from across the county, but that hasn’t always been the case: the 2019 show will mark 50 years since girls from Girlguiding Nottinghamshire joined members of Nottinghamshire Scouts on stage for the first time.

‘Nottingham’s Gang Show had always been a male-dominated tradition so it was a real milestone when girls were at last welcomed aboard,’ says Girlguiding Nottinghamshire’s County Commissioner Jackie Brocklehurst. ‘Those first 29 girls were true pioneers and opened the door for so many other young performers – watching the rehearsals in progress this week, it’s amazing to see that girls and young women now make up most of the cast!’

Girlguiding Nottinghamshire’s archivist has unearthed a grainy picture of ‘The Gang’ in 1969. Anyone who was there is invited to share their memories and impressions – drop an e-mail to office@girlguidingnottinghamshire.org.uk or add some comments on social media.

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