Looking for badge and programme ideas to introduce to your unit? Find our resources below...

Information and the syllabus for official interest badges can be found on the appropriate section pages of the national website. However, Girlguiding Nottinghamshire also has a few local badges you can introduce to your unit. Find local badge ideas below:

Children's Hospitals Big Appeal Badge

Nottingham Hospitals Charity resource

In partnership with Nottingham Hospitals Charity, this resource aims to help raise awareness about, and support for, Nottingham Children’s Hospital – with lots of fun activities for you to do in your units, plus a special Charity Challenge!

Operation Orphan Badge

Operation Orphan, Keep a Child resource

In partnership with Operation Orphan,  Keep a Child… resource, includes five exciting challenges for you to complete with your units. Operation Orphan is a local charity that does amazing work to improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children all over the world.

People Like Me Badge

People like Me resource

Girlguiding Nottinghamshire has teamed up with Framework to produce this resource pack, which introduces the issue of homelessness and provides activities designed to explore it.

Robin Hood Challenge Badge

Robin Hood Challenge resource

This badge was created by 7th Nottingham Brownies. They decided to make their challenge badge based on Robin Hood as they too come from Nottingham.

Mansfield Powell Rangers Badge

Comic Superheroes Badge

Created by Mansfield Powell Rangers. Welcome to our Comic Book Superheroes Challenge! We have created this badge to help raise money towards two events this year that our members are taking part in.

I'm a Brownie Get Me Out Of Here Badge

I’m a Brownie, Get Me Out of Here!

The Challenge was created to reflect the activities that all of the Brownies requested. It provides a mix of different activities including; baking, craft, outdoor adventures and investigating nature.

Keep on Swimming Badge

Keep on Swimming created by 46th Glasgow Guides

This challenge badge has been designed in such a way as it allows you to run a program of activities with Girls of any age around the themes of the fish; the world’s oceans; friendship and memories.

The challenge is made up of 7 parts: 1. Games 2. Crafts 3. Cooking 4. Friendship 5. Memories 6. Childhood Games 7. Conservation.

Flipping Magic Badge

Flipping Magic created by 295th Glasgow Guides

This challenge badge has been designed in such a way as it allows you to run a program of activities with girls of any age around either gymnastics or another sport of active activity of your choice. It has been inspired by the FIG 2015 World Gymnastics Championships taking place in Glasgow in October 2015 and has been written with acknowledgement of the event organisers.

Adopt Together Badge

Adopt Together – Working Together resource

This project has been developed in conjunction with ‘Adopt Together’, a local voluntary adoption agency. It will earn the Guides a badge and can be completed in one evening. The themes covered will develop: -an understanding of adoption and different types of family -an appreciation of their family -an appreciation of both the similarities and differences in each other -self-esteem in the girls as they consider their unique talents, gifts and personalities

Waste Water and Me Badge

Waste, Water and Me

Activities related to waste water help you to understand what happens to it before it can be returned to the environment. The activities also show how you can help Severn Trent Water by raising awareness of sewer misuse.

Gets Wet Badge

Girlguiding Nottinghamshire gets wet!

A fun badge for you and your unit to enjoy. Open to all members from Rainbows to Trefoil. Badges are available from the shop for 50p.

Nightsaway Badge

Challenges from the Midlands

Nights Away is a record of the number of nights girls have spent away with Guiding, badges are awarded depending on how many nights a girl has spent away with Guiding. Out & About is a challenge badge, open to all members, to encourage them to get out and about in the great outdoors.

I am a Physicist badge

I’m a Physicist

We’ve teamed up with The Institute of Physics to bring you a resource that is designed to introduce girls to the fascinating world of physics in a way that is accessible, fun and educational. Packed full of exciting experiments for you to do in your units, Girlguiding Nottinghamshire was the pilot for the resource and because of this, the badge is free!