The new 18-30 offer


Date: 21.07.19 | Author:

The new 18-30 offer is designed to be flexible and accessible to all and to meet the needs of all our young volunteers.

The new offer is broken down into 7 pathways:

  • Adventure and Challenege (e.g Going away with)
  • Beyond the UK (E.g international trips and Gold)
  • Events Experience (E.g large scale events)
  • Voice and Action (e.g advocate panel)
  • Sharing Skills (e.g holiday guiding)Leading the Way (E.g adult leadership)
  • Developing others (e.g mentors)

Information is still coming in and Midlands are currently working on plans.

We plan to put on an event to display the offer, meet others in the age range and help those affected decide where they best fit in the offer to get the most out of their guiding experience.

There will be a meeting in August to start planning this event which will be filtered down through Division Commissioners. We are looking for 2 young women aged 16-30 from each division to be a part of this meeting. If you are interested please let the Division Commissioner for your area know.

Any questions, please get in touch with Bex, Girlguiding Nottinghamshire’s 18-30 Coordinator at:

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