Training Star Scheme

Training forms a key part of being a leader in Guiding. It helps leaders to stay up to date and full of new ideas to keep unit meetings safe and fun.

Every time you attend a training, make a note of the details on your record card. Be sure to get it signed or stamped by the trainer.

When you have enough points for a Training Star, send your completed record card to Girlguiding Nottinghamshire Headquarters.

Download a Record Card.

To receive the County Training Star, a Leader or Young Leader is required to gain 6 points.

Points are awarded as follows:              

Nottinghamshire trainings points Region or National training event points
County Training Day 2
County Weekend 3 Weekend 3
Full Training Day 2 Full Training Day 2
Evening or Half Day 1 Evening or Half Day 1

A training such as ‘first aid at work’ or ‘safeguarding carried out whilst at work’ will count as 1 point.

For an event, other than a county organised training, to count (including a training element to a meeting) it must have been agreed with the County Training Team.