Rita Chambers Outdoor Fund

Criteria for Application of Rita Chambers Outdoor Fund for UK Activities


This fund is NOT for group applications but for applying on behalf of individual members.

The leader of a unit or an adult member of Girlguiding Nottinghamshire can apply to the fund on behalf of an individual member (5 – 26 years old) who they feel would not be able to participate in or take a leadership role for an event without help and would therefore benefit from financial assistance.

Suggested ideas for support:

Attend a local residential event or activity day (Please note this is not for international opportunities and must be for an event or activity in the future. The fund does not cover applications for uniform)

Full details of the event and anticipated costs should be included with all applications.



Any applications will be treated on an individual basis, the fund will run until the fund has been utilised.

It is suggested that a sum of up to £50 is applied for (to a maximum of 4 girls per unit for any event) with full cost of event also notified.  Applications will be authorised by members of Girlguiding Nottinghamshire Finance Committee.



  • Applicant to sign and date
  • Application to be countersigned by District Commissioner
  • Completed application forms to be sent to Girlguiding Nottinghamshire, 16-18 Burton Road Carlton, Nottingham NG4 3DF together with breakdown of costs and or receipts (Attention of the Finance Committee).

Please note: – application forms must be received six weeks prior to the start of the event/activity for which the application is being made.

  • Division Commissioners will be informed of application

Rita Chambers Outdoor Fund Application Form