Personal Health Care Plans

Healthcare plans are available on the Girlguiding UK website, which says the following;

Some of our members and volunteers have medical conditions and need medication or extra support to ensure they enjoy guiding. To help identify these needs, we have created a set of health care plans for various conditions.

You should only use these plans if

  • a medical condition limits a member’s ability to join in normal unit activities
  • or if she has a medical condition which makes an emergency likely.

Please note that members who are over the age of 16 are responsible for their own healthcare and shouldn’t be asked to complete these forms. If the member has a pre-existing health care plan, it is not necessary to complete a Girlguiding UK plan.

You can download the following Health care plans from Girlguiding UK website: General health care plan, Asthma care plan, Allergies care plan, Diabetes care plan, Epilepsy care plan and Personal care plan