Leadership Qualifications

A Safe Space training

It is important to ensure guiding takes place in a safe environment.  This is set out in Girlguiding’s Safety and Safeguarding Policy and the accompanying guidelines.

You should receive A Safe Space leaflet with your membership card, which gives you tips and guidance on keeping you and your unit safe. Information can also be found on Girlguiding’s website.

In January 2016, Girlguiding introduced safeguarding as a compulsory element of the Leadership Qualification.  This means you need to complete A Safe Space training. There are four levels of training. All volunteers will need to do Level 1 unless you’ve done the previous A Safe Space training in the last three years (from 2017). The previous A Safe Space training is equivalent to Level 1 and 2 of this training.

Training for Level 2 are face-to-face and take place within the County. Please visit our diary pages for more information about when this training is taking place.

All Leaders in Training who have not completed their Leadership Qualification must attend training.

If you already have safeguarding expertise or experience outside of guiding, please read the recognising prior learning checklist. Please note that there is no recognising prior learning available for Level 1 or Level 2, because this must be completed by all requiring it as it lays out the approach we take to safeguarding and how we create safe spaces in Girlguiding.

This clause cannot be signed off until you have completed the face-to-face training or – if approved – the e-learning modules have been completed and the follow up discussion has taken place.

To find out more about A Safe Space training, read our FAQ document.