5-7 years

When you’re a Rainbow Guide you have lots of fun and meet new friends. The youngest members of girlguiding can join from age 5 years.

Come and join us if you want to play games, make things, sing songs, listen to stories and have adventures.

There are always exciting things to do at Rainbows!

Look, Learn, Laugh and Love at Rainbows

Look: Rainbows learn about their environment and the world around them. We also help them understand that they are part of a wider world, through games and stories from other cultures.

Learn: Girls learn about self-esteem, make things and try adventurous activities. They explore everyday science and healthy eating by getting their hands dirty.

Laugh: Rainbow meetings are always full of fun, games, songs, parties and making a mess. Girls love sleepovers too!

Love: Girls discover working together, fair play, and being considerate and helpful to others.

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