Adult Volunteers

Girlguiding Nottinghamshire welcomes volunteers of all backgrounds, ages, cultures, faiths and abilities. We are flexible and volunteering can be arranged to fit around a busy lifestyle.

Different Ways of Volunteering

Whether it’s an hour or two every few months or a regular weekly commitment, there are lots of ways to volunteer and help us create amazing opportunities for thousands of girls across Nottinghamshire.

If you’re aged between 18 and 65 and would like the chance to have fun, make friends, and learn new skills – try volunteering with Girlguiding Nottinghamshire! Volunteering is a great way to gain a wide range of experience and skills and Girlguiding is the largest organisation for girls and young women in the UK.

GuideguidingUK operates a “Safe From Harm” Policy for the protection of adults and the children in their care.

Read more on ‘What do Adults in Guiding Do’ on our Girlguiding UK website.

If you are interested in joining Girlguiding and wish to find your nearest unit or meeting place please click here

Unit Leaders and Assistant Leaders

Every Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Senior Section unit has at least one Leader, who has completed the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification.  Leaders have overall responsibility for the unit, although this is often shared between a team.  Leaders and Assistant Leaders work with the girls to plan activities and to ensure that finances and registration are kept up to date.

Unit Leaders are female, aged 18-65. Assistant Leaders are female aged 18 and over. If you decide to become a Leader or Assistant Leader, you will be assigned a Mentor to help you complete your qualification, and an experienced local support network of volunteers is there to help.

Unit Helpers and Occasional Helpers

For those who don’t wish to commit to becoming a Leader but do want to work in the unit with girls and young women, the role of a Unit Helper is ideal.  Helpers are vital to guiding, because Girlguiding has a recommended adult-to-child ratio.

Unit Helpers and Occasional Helpers can be either male or female, aged 18 and over.  They can wear member wear if they choose.  How often helpers work with units varies and is up to individuals; you may be part of a helpers’ rota.

Support Roles

Thinking of joining guiding but not sure that you have the time to commit regularly? There are plenty of important jobs that can be done in your own time and from your own home.

You could:

  • help with unit accounts or administration
  • be the driver for an away day
  • help out at a guiding shop or depot
  • lend a hand with fundraising
  • help out with DIY
  • take part in a one-off session with your local unit, teaching the girls skills such as pilates or gardening to help them acquire a badge.

Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild’s prime aim is to support Girlguiding, while providing friendship, fun and activities for its members.

Members may still be a Guider, or they may have retired from Guiding or Scouting but still wish to help local units.

Nottinghamshire’s many local Trefoil Guilds offer a wide range of opportunities: whether it’s meeting with friends, developing interests, tackling new challenges, or perhaps relaxing with more peaceful activities like enjoying holidays with a group in the UK or abroad.

The members support Girlguiding in many ways – helping at occasional meetings and camps, sharing interests and skills, testing badgework, offering transport or hospitality, the list is endless.