Jargon Buster

There are lots of different terms used in guiding, which are useful for people who’ve been involved for a long time but can be confusing for new volunteers.

Here are explanations for the most commonly-used terms:

Adviser: trained adult volunteer with special responsibility for a particular area of activity.
Brownies: for girls aged seven to ten.
Commissioner: trained adult volunteer manager.

District: The local administrative area for guiding, the district will be made up of several units from the same locality who are managed by their District Commissioner

Division: An administrative area made up of several districts. The Division Commissioner will oversee the District Commissioners. In Nottinghamshire the Guiding county is divided into 20 Divisions.
Guider: trained adult volunteer Leader.
Guides: for girls and young women aged ten to 14.
PRA: Public Relations Adviser. PRAs are the link between Guiding and the public. Their role is to improve public awareness of Guiding and to help all Guiders to communicate well with the media.
Project 50K: a project that aims to improve ways to retain and recruit volunteers.
Project Streamline: an initiative that aims to help every level of Girlguiding UK improve the way it manages information about its members.

Project Perception: a national initiative that is concerned with improving the image that the public has of Guiding
Project SWITCH: SWITCH aims at taking opportunities for young girls to areas yet to be reached by guiding.
Rainbows: for girls aged five to seven.
Rangers: sub-group of Senior Section.
Senior Section: for young women aged 14-25.
Unit: group the girls meet in.
Unit Helper: adult who regularly helps run a unit.
WAGGGS: World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
Young Leaders: sub-group of Senior Section. Young women, aged 14-18, who help out at unit meetings. Some, aged 16+, may be working towards their Leadership Qualification.

If there is jargon that you don’t understand then Contact Us so that we can try to explain it and add it to this list to help other new (and sometimes not so new) guiders