Adult:Child Ratios

Girlguiding suggests the adult to child ratios listed below for normal unit meetings within the usual meeting place.

Unit Leadership Teams are not required to follow them, apart from the mandatory requirement for two adults at all Rainbow meetings.

The Unit Team’s decision regarding the number of girls and young women in the unit is final.

The ratios become mandatory when:

  • taking the unit out of the normal meeting place
  • undertaking certain activities.
    Suggested minimum Suggested unit size Suggested maximum Suggested ratio (adult to girls)
    Rainbow 5 12-15 18 1:5
    Brownies 12 12-18 24 1:8
    Guides 12 12-30 36 1:12
    Senior Section 5 N/A N/A N/A

For more detailed information see GirlguidingUK Manual