Our County Standard

At the hoist is the Guide Trefoil and the Girlguiding Nottinghamshire County Badge, the hunting horn.

There are two motto bands – the Guide Motto “Be Prepared”, and “Ready and Faithful”, which is the motto of the County Commissioners of Girlguiding Nottinghamshire.

The fly is divided lengthwise, the top representing Nottingham City and the bottom representing Nottinghamshire County. The City and County authorities kindly gave permission to use their crests.

The City of Nottingham – The Armorial Bearings of Nottingham are so old that their origin is unknown. The Crest stands on top of the red Shield, a castle with three towers, probably Norman. It may be connected to King Richard I, with the star and crescent representing faiths involved in the Crusades.

Nottinghamshire County – The Crest is a sheaf of corn inside a mural crown and stands upon a helmet over the green Shield. Golden corn and a miner’s shovel represent the county’s traditional industries.