Useful information about how to submit a nomination

Can you think of someone in your unit, district or division who deserves recognition?

These might be adults or girls who keep attending despite difficult circumstances, those who ‘go the extra mile’ and those who provide a full and varied programme despite difficulties. Is there someone, whether they are in uniform or not, whose advice or support makes a difference? Then nominate them for an award.

Unsure of which award to nominate them for? Don’t worry. Just complete and return the nomination form and the Awards Committee will do the rest.

You will need to know their Guiding history, but you must NOT tell the recipient about their nomination. All nominations will be put to the Awards Committee.

Being recognised for the service to your local community is a very special honour, so if YOU think someone deserves it, YOU nominate them. Don’t think everyone else will do it because someone could miss out.

When completing the nomination form, try to build a picture of the nominee. What she is like, her special qualities or any outstanding attributes that will help the committee to make a decision.

If applicable, try to include the following information:

  • Her achievements and service to Girlguiding. Have they made a major impact on the unit, district or division?
  • If relevant, the type of area the unit, district or division serves.
  • Has she enabled the girls to take full advantage of the opportunities offered in guiding?
  • Does she support and encourage the ethos of guiding?

The Awards Committee meets three times a year to consider award nominations for both the County and Region Awards, namely in March, May and September. The deadline to submit a nomination is 1st June. County Awards will generally be presented at a special Awards Afternoon, usually held in September or October, but may be presented locally at another time if that is the wish of the Division. Region Awards are presented in November.